ChariTree Dec 7, 2019

ad2019ChariTreeChariTree Holiday Festival 2019 Non-Profit/Youth Group and Sponsor Applications will be available to download mid-August.

  • NON-PROFIT / YOUTH GROUPS for décor of trees & wreaths application coming in Summer — due Monday, Oct 7

    Limited space available. To reserve your spot, please email basic information to or call 541 – 469 – 1816.

  • SPONSORSHIP applications coming in Summer — due Friday, Nov 15 Groups may have more than one sponsor. Charitree will include sponsors in PR/ads etc.

* Set-up décor day : Thursday, Dec 5 ( Chetco Grange 10am – 7pm )

Please bring an extra ornament that represents your organization to decorate the ChariTree’s tree. Also last day to drop-off Silent Raffle items.

* Gala Night : Friday, Dec 6 ( Chetco Grange 5:30pm – 7:30pm )
* ChariTree Holiday Festival event : Saturday, Dec 7 ( Chetco Grange 11am – 4pm )
Mission Statement : ChariTree is a non-profit committee of the Brookings Area Council for the Arts that brings awareness of local non-profits and helps them to fundraise for their activities all while the community enjoys a holiday festival of trees.


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